Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/23/10 - Thursday - hello old friend

In the hustle and bustle of what has become a warm and busy fall I forgot about the loyal followers of fish food; good news is that I am back and just in time to say goodbye to "healthy september"

September was to be a month filled with fresh veggies, heart healthy options and good old plain down to earth home cooking - minus the butter and all the fixins of course. When people decided to make September a month to be healthy they forgot about the wonder of Labor Day and barbeques or baseball stadiums with hot dogs and beer galore. It makes it just a little too hard to stay on track. While falling off track this month (I think its safe to say that the rest of society may have hit a few bumps (ie. delicious donuts, falafel, burgers, etc) along the way) we found some pretty crazy eats to try.

In New York there are dinners for bugs - that's right edible bugs. Why not give it a try next time you are having guests over for your monthly book club dinner party.

Insect Dinners!

In Chicago they're making burritos as big as your head and hot wings so hot it takes a medical waiver to give them a try - there might not be recipes for these but I am sure they are easily replicated - give it a go and let me know if your tongue is still burning hours later.

Outrageous Chicago Eats!

Goat: the other red meat - well maybe in Houston. Around the world goat is the most widely consumed red meat - in America that's just not the case. Slowly but surely this is about to change. Why try it? - goat is delicious, lean - with a flavor between lamb and beef. Give it is try and when you aren't sure how to cook it take a peek at one of these recipe options.

Goats Goats Goats!

In Charlottesville we are branching out but doing it one slow step at a time - starting with a little fall veggies and other local ingredients.

Need a little local flavor - check out:


-we tried their prawns - top notch, delicious in a scampi form!!!

yummy yummy yummy

until next time:

Celebrate National Pancake Day!