Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get your eat on! - Restaurant Week July 2010

Restaurant Week is coming up swift and fast. Come see us to stave off those hunger pangs and help out the PB&J fund at the same time.

Along with our regular menu, we will be offering a 3 course tasting of what to expect from Blue Light in the future. Reservations can be made at 434 295 1223 and the menu is as follows:
1st course:
cucumber and avocado soup with lime yogurt
red beet and goat cheese terrine with apple puree and pistachio brittle

three virginia oysters on the half shell with cucumber mignonette

crab hushpuppies with red pepper honey butter

2nd course:
pan roasted skate with haricot vert, fingerling potato salad, and almond brown butter

crepes with sweet corn, ricotta cheese, shiitake mushrooms, and garlic butter sauce

blackened scallops with avocado puree, grapefruit and pickled red onions

raosted quail with crawfish and chorizo stuffing atop a mascarpone soft polenta

bbq shortribs with baked pinto beans and a bleu cheese/red cabbage slaw

3rd course:
buttermilk pound cake and peach trifle with lime mascarpone

vanilla panna cotta with pineapple marmalade and shortbread cookies

butterscotch cheesecake with apple puree

-proceeds benefit the PB&J fund - http://pbandjfund.org/-
-more details on restaurant week can be found at: www.cvilleyum.com-

We look forward to celebrating a great cause and great food with you soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Storm Watch 2010 - We've got the POWER!!!

Parts of Charlotttesville may look like this:

but we've got the POWER and are already cooking.

Blue Light can't be stoppedcocktails and nibbles are here all night long!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock the Vote!

Help us keep rocking as the "best seafood in c-ville"
vote at:


-after all your hard work at the polls come and have a drink or a nibble with us!

a glass of champagne and oysters on the halfshell, make the perfect fix for such a hot humid day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18/10 - Friday - the weekend is officially here!!

Raspberry Lemonade Martini
-muddled raspberries, fresh meyer lemon juice, absolut citron, simple syrup and a dash of sours-

raw bar:
hama hama - hama hama river delta on the hood canal
toten cove - puget sound
dabob bay - hood canal

light fare:
roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, and roasted garlic on house made grilled flat bread
sardines with grilled radicchio, cauliflower and couscous salad and orange reduction

fresh fish:
skate with haricot vert, almonds and meyer lemon butter sauce

gryffon's aerie NY strip with roasted sunchokes, swisschard, and red wine shallot reduction

chocolate cheesecake with vanilla gelato
toffee cake with dulce de leche gelato and berry coulis
buttermilk pound cake with mascerated peached and lemon sorbet
vanilla creme brulee

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6/16/10 - Wednesday - get over that hump

$5 Margarita on the Rocks
- the perfect fix for hump day blues-

raw bar
hama hama - hama hama river delta on the hood canal
beau soleil - new brunswick
toten inlet - puget sound

light fare:
tuna carpaccio on grilled house made flat bread with seaweed salad and
avocado/coconut puree

tempura batter avocado with crab and watermelon salad

sea and sand:
6 oz filet mignon with spicy grilled shrimp with shiitake rice pilaf and a green papaya/cucumber slaw

sweet eats:
creme brulee
berry shortcake with whipped cream
chocolate cheesecake

Monday, June 14, 2010

6/14/10 - Monday - work week begins

Watermelon Margaritas - just what the doctor ordered to fight those early in the work week blues.

raw bar:
beausoleil - new brunswick
hama hama - hama hama river delta - hood canal
totten inlet - south puget sound

light fare:
kite's ham, grilled shrimp, goat cheese and arugula served on top of a warm piece of grilled flat bread

a little fishy:
grilled wahoo with a crsipy rice cake, seaweed salad and sesame vinaigrette

the meat of the matter:
6 oz filet mignon with a crispy corn cake, grilled asparagus and a red wine shallot reduction

a sweet ending:
creme brulee
strawberry shortcake

Taste This!!


This year we will be participating in the Taste This Charlottesville fundraiser at the Boar's Head Inn. WE are so thankful for the opportunity to help out the Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, and the Emergency Food Bank.

The event is currently sold out, which means that a lot of donations has already been given. We can't wait to see what the other local foodies have in store for us tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

6/10/10 - Thursday is one day closer to the weekend

today's drink special:
-muddled georgia peaches and red bird chiles with malibu coconut rum, absolut citron and fresh lime juice shaken and served up-

Raw Bar

Blue Point - Long Island's Great South Bay
Hama Hama - Washington State's Olympic Peninsula
Va Bay - Chincoteague Island

oysters not your thing? try our snow crag legs!!
light fare:
kite's ham, Georgia peaches, feta and arugula atop grilled flat bread with cucumber yogurt sauce

fresh fish:
roasted rockfish atop green lentils, grilled radichio, shiitake mushrooms and yellow tomato sauce

hankering for sweets? give one of these a go:
creme brulee with a touch of honey

lime/coconut tart with roasted pineapple and whipped cream

mexican chocolate bundt cake with kahlua cream cheese filling and dulce de leche gelato

chocolate frozen terrine with layers of white chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and nutella

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6/8/10 - Tuesday's one of a kind offerings

Raw Bar

VA Bay - Chincoteague Island
Hama Hama - Washington State's Olympic Peninsula
Blue Point - Long Island's Great South Bay
-Oysters Are Healthy for You!-
Oysters contain a whole raft of Vitamins, including C, D, B1, B1, B2 and B3. In terms of valuable minerals, if you eat just four medium-size oysters every day, you'll get the recommended daily allowances of calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.

light fare:
Tomato, Cucumber, Basil and Feta with Cucumber Yogurt Dressing

meat eater? - try this:Seared Filet Mignon with a corn cake, grilled asparagus and red wine shallot sauce

fresh fish:
Grilled Mahi, cold shrimp and white bean salad with bacon marmalade

for the sweet tooth in all of us:
-Vanilla Creme Brulee

-Coconut Lime Tart with roasted pineapple and vanilla cream

-Flourless Chocolate and Pecan Cake with Dulce de Leche Gelato

Monday, June 7, 2010

6/7/10 - Monday - Specials and Such

Monday 6/7/10 - more good food coming your way:

raw bar:
oyster selection:

VA Bay - Chincoteague Island
Hama Hama - Washington State's Olympic Peninsula
Beau Soleil - Northern New Brunswick Bay Area

light fare:
Grilled Flat bread with heirlooom tomatoes, feta, basil and cucumber yogurt sauce
in the mood for a sandwich:
Fried Cod, Tartar Sauce, and Pickled Slaw on a house made Challah Roll - add a little fingerling potato salad to the deal and its heaven

is our fresh fish special more what you were looking for?:
Grilled Mahi served over a cold shrimp and white bean salad

feeling a little meaty:Seared 6 oz filet mignon with potato galette and red wine shallot sauce

now we're blogging

The age old question of "what's for dinner" is asked and answered daily across the world; with such a loyal following and a slew of devoted diners we decided to take on the answering portion as well. If there's ever a question about what oysters we are serving, whether or not we have halibut today or you are just curious about what we have been putting out the last couple weeks - you can find it all here. Chef Lee Gregory and I will be working together to keep you updated on menu changes, new items, special events and anything else you just might be curious about.

take a look around
get your questions answered
learn new things about us and our food
find out what our mixologists are coming out with this week
and by all means come visit us on Charlottesville's historic downtown mall

-120 E Main Street -
Charlottesville, VA 22902

434 295 1223