Monday, July 19, 2010

7/19/10 - Restaurant Week Reprieve

Restaurant Week has come and gone -
it was a great week, a crazy week. Fully booked means more money for the PB&J fund. Now that we have our footing again you can catch the daily specials again:

Raw Bar:
Virginia Oysters - Chincoteague, VA
Little Skookum - Southern Puget Sound

-we get a lot of our oyster knowledge from Naked Roy - ever have any questions, just check him out at:

Light Fare:
crab hushpuppies with garlic remoulade

garlic fact: it boosts the body’s own production of a compound that relaxes blood vessels, increases blood flow, and prevents blood clots and oxidative damage

composed plates:
quail stuffed with chorizo/crawfish atop a haricot vert/fingerling potato salad

house made fettucini with shortrib ragout

sweet eats:
chocolate panna cotta with bourbon/caramel sauce
goat cheese custard with crumbled oats and pistachios
baked peaches with vanilla ice cream and pistachio brittle

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