Tuesday, July 27, 2010

8/1/10 - Gogol Bordello/Primus Afterbash

Hold on to your hats - its about to get a little crazy in here.
Directly following the Gogol Bordello/Primus extravaganza at the Charlottesville Pavilion we encourage you to join us in a celebration at 120 East Main Street - on the downtown mall.

Together Blue Light Grill and Ten-Sushi are hosting the party of the summer.
Drinks, Food, Music, Surprise DJ - all these things are coming your way.

Starr Hill will be here with some great swag and some great beer.
The kitchens will be cooking up some delicious late night food as well.

on the main floor (Blue Light) the menu will be as follows:

Pork Belly Sliders with BBQ sauce and Pickled Slaw
Chicken Wings with garlic and ginger sauceFried Calamari
Fried Virginia oysters
Fish Tacos served on a corn tortilla with avocado crema and crispy cabbage

if that doesn't float your boat - head upstairs for some sushi and noodles

we'll be here all night - food runs until 1 am and drinks flow until 1:30

get here quick- and don't forget to put your party pants on!!! - prepare to get rocked by the kings of gypsy punk and the residents of 120 East Main

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