Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday - 7/26/10 - a break from the heat

Today we only topped out at 90 degrees - i will take it.
after the heatwave that's been melting us lately 90 degrees feels slightly chilly.

get out of the sun and into the bar -
we've got cherry limeades!
- vodka, 1/2 a lime, house made grenadine and soda water-

feeling fishy?
pan roasted skate with truffle infused grits and bacon braised collard greens
*skates are found in most parts of the world, from tropical to near Arctic waters and from the shallows to depth of 2,700 feet*

where's the beef?
sirloin burger on a house-made challah roll with garlic mayo, pickled onions, lettuce and a side of onion rings
*the first menu listing a hamburger was Delmonico in New York in 1826*

trick or treat?
chocolate panna cotta with fresh berries
peach and cornbread trifle
roasted figs with vanilla cream

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