Monday, August 23, 2010

8/23/10 - Monday - give me that monkfish

Been craving monkfish lately and Chef must have read my mind because before I knew it he was offering up some Monkfish Scaloppine. I hadn't even really thought of monkfish as a scaloppine option - it seems to always be veal or chicken when that word is involved. This however is worth the curiosity - its delicious. A thinly sliced piece of monkfish breaded and pan seared with braised fennel, creamy polenta and a little bit of lemon. Thinking about it takes me back to the polenta just melting delicately in my mouth after a forkful of mighty monkfish went in.

this ladies and gentlemen is a dish that must be tried:

i thought a little knowledge quest about monkfish might be in order so I took a little detour to my ever favorite wikipedia and a quick drive by of zeuscat

monkfish has many monikers including:

those are all viable options but the allmouth version doesn't bring good things to mind.

it appears that there are vicious rumors going around that monkfish are in direct relation to angelsharks - ask any monkfish they will quickly divert your attention and tell you that is not the case.

i leave you with a little julia child imagery and of course today's offerings

raw bar:
va bay

to start:
crepes with smoked trout and sweet corn - with a bit of cucumber salad to top

herb marinated leg of lamb with mashed potatoes, mushrooms a la grec and roasted tomatoes

monkfish scaloppine (as previously stated)

to end:
chocolate pots de creme with whipped cream
fried fig turnovers with vanilla gelato
bruleed green tea tapioca pudding

as julia would say: bon appetit!

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