Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/31/10 - Tuesday - All Hail the Queen of England

Another history lesson provided by yours truly:

August 31st 1900 - Coca Cola began distributing in none other than Great Britain. That's right - years after the Revolutionary War and the start of the great nation of America we gave the British what they had always wanted - a pure sugar mouth watering soft drink that would continue it's popularity for the next century and beyond.

The Brits may still be blaming us for the tea party - but really they should be giving us a pat on the back for making them addicted to what we so fondly call "pop"

now for the specials:

va bay

to start:
house made duck prosciutto with honeydew melon and saba drizzle

taylor bay scallops on the half shell with house made mozzarella and chorizo

roasted chicken legs with truffled cheese grits, local oyster mushrooms and roasted tomatoes

grilled mahi with fingerling potatoes, local oyster mushrooms and roasted tomatoes

chocolate fettuccine with white chocolate creme anglaise and fresh berries

cream puffs filled with fig puree and chocolate sauce

caramel and vanilla ice cream with berries and chocolate sauce

sidenote: the cream puffs are to die for - - like a fig newton but better

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