Monday, August 30, 2010

8/30/10 - Monday - chocolate pasta to die for

Upon arrival at work today I had a severe craving for chocolate - little did I know that chocolate fettuccine was waiting for me. Not just any old chocolate fettuccine but house made and topped with white chocolate creme anglaise. Talk about all your wildest dreams coming true

since my head is at the sweet end of the meal let's start backwards today


chocolate fettuccine with white chocolate creme anglaise and fresh berries

lemon tart with berry coulis and whipped cream

house made cream puffs

real plates:

pan roasted snapper with cheddar/fresno chile grits and green tomato relish

chicken carbonara: confit chicken tossed with house made fettuccine, house pancetta and parmesan cheese - topped with a quail egg and local basil buds

small plates:

house cured duck breast prosciutto with honeydew

taylor bay scallops - grilled with chorizo and house mozzarella


va bay



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